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Antibody Discovery Overview

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Our proprietary production technology is designed to deliver fast and large-scale production of (mammalian) recombinant proteins and antibodies for research and pre-clinical applications. Antibodies can be manufactured as hybridoma suspension in a bioreactor, or recombinantly in a transient expression system or with stable cell lines. The antibody production platform (rAb) is developed for rapid and high expression of recombinant antibodies in mammalian cells. Our rPEx™ technology allows the production of difficult-to-express proteins such as Fc-fusion proteins and bispecific antibodies.

Off-the-Shelf Products

In addition to custom programs, we offer a catalog of off-the-shelf products. Browse Products to learn more.

Transient protein production platform (rPEx™)

Fully post-translationally modified mammalian proteins are produced via the rPEx™ transient protein production platform. The rPEx™ production platform consists of serum-free, suspension-growing HEK and CHO cells which are transiently transfected with expression vectors containing the gene of interest. For each recombinant protein to be produced, several proprietary expression vectors (pUPE) are available. Due to the modular architecture, the expression vectors can be easily adapted to meet specific requirements. This allows, for example, the choice of nature and position of the purification tag.

Large amount of recombinant protein can be produced in a very short time span (generally less than eight weeks). The rPEx™ platform allows for several transfection and delivery options to match your needs.

Non-Recombinant Purification

ImmunoPrecise’s bioreactor process is an excellent animal-free alternative for custom bulk antibody production. One bioreactor flask can produce as much antibody as ascites from 10 to 12 mice. In addition, monoclonal antibody production in bioreactors contains no contaminating host mouse immunoglobulin. We offer a selection of purification procedures for the isolation of specific antibodies from serum, and concentrated tissue culture supernatant. Our analysis ensures a high quality antibody generation for use in important experiments or downstream manufactured products.


We provide our clients with a secure, off-site storage facility to safeguard their assets. We are a trusted partner for the storage of cell lines, tissues, RNA, DNA, plasmid constructs, antibodies, and many other biological materials.


Recombinant Antibody Production Platform (rAb)

Fully post-translationally modified mammalian recombinant antibodies (rAb’s) are produced via the rAb expression platform. Antibody variable domains can be seamlessly ligated in antibody expression vectors to generate each antibody class.

Gram amounts of purified antibodies with low levels of endotoxin (< 0.05 EU/mg) can be provided in only a couple of weeks.

The rAb platform has a modular architecture, thereby allowing several transfection and delivery options.

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