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Challenge Us.

You’re invited to bring your toughest antibody target challenge to our world-class coalition of discovery and preclinical service experts.

ImmunoPrecise (IPA) and Eurofins Discovery have joined forces. Together—we accelerate antibody discovery breakthrough, expand access to experts on a global scale and provide service excellence from end-to-end—better.

ImmunoPrecise + Eurofins Discovery: Collaboration

ImmunoPrecise (IPA) is collaborating with Eurofins Discovery to enhance our services to you. This collaboration will strengthen our capacity as a single-source provider, and as a leader in full-spectrum antibody services. Eurofins Discovery, a division of Eurofins Scientific, is a leading international group of laboratories providing a unique range of analytical testing services.

Challenge Us

Meet the team committed to conquering your toughest antibody target challenge.

Stefan Lang
Timothy Mille
Barry Duplantis
Francisca Neethling
Lynette Tran

Preclinical Services with Eurofins

Together, IPA and Eurofins Discovery are uniquely equipped to address the complex challenges of antibody discovery projects. With a veritable think-tank of the industry’s leading experts, we explore beyond the status quo to deliver breakthrough preclinical antibody candidates and give you the edge with single-source services.

Hybrid Service Model

ImmunoPrecise is an innovation-driven technology platform company with a distinctive end-to-end service model, designed to reduce time and risk with custom applications. We support our business partners in the quest to discover and develop novel antibodies against a broad range of classes of disease targets in one stop, with:

Breadth and Depth

The IPA mission is to provide capacity, breadth of offerings, and unique platforms that accelerate assay development, screening cascades, drug candidate validation and new biotherapeutic concepts. Our partnership with Eurofins Discovery adds:

…And more

Working with Us

When you entrust your target challenge to us, you set excellence in motion. The ImmunoPrecise and Eurofins partnership brings multidisciplinary experts with vast experience, precision processes and the will to win together—to navigate your project and multiple target types through all tests and phases.


Target Validation

  • Biological target validation through Eurofins Beacon Discovery and Eurofins DiscoverX
  • Proof of Concept
  • MOA
  • Allosteric modulation assays
  • In silico target validation
  • Expression profiling
  • Reverse pharmacology
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Screening/Functional Assay Development

  • Binding assays
  • Over expressing cell lines
  • Reporter cell lines
  • Functional assay generation
  • In vivo mouse model development
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  • Program strategy
  • Genetic and syngeneic cell-based immunization
  • Discovery: B-cell Select, Phage Display, Hybridoma
  • Screening cascade
  • HTP early stage functional data
  • Lead characterization
  • Sequence optimization/humanization
  • Developability
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  • Scale-up of lead candidates
  • Confirmation assays
  • Safety studies
  • Mini-CMC
  • Manufacturability
  • Therapeutic tools (Anti-ID)
  • Biomarker assays
  • In vivo studies
    • PK/PD
    • MTD
    • POC
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