End-to-End Services

Our experience and true end-to-end services help you complete your goals in a fraction of the time, and get you to the finish line faster with better candidates. We are at the cutting edge of innovation, supporting the next generation of antibody therapeutics.

Target Design & Antigen Modeling

Each antibody generation project at ImmunoPrecise starts with a careful and thorough analysis of the target protein. This is always under consideration of your requirements for the final product, whether the product will be used as a therapeutic, diagnostic, or tool antibody for research. The target analysis will allow us to recommend and discuss with you the various options for the experimental part of your project.

Design & Modeling


At ImmunoPrecise, we offer multiple immunization technologies to deliver polyclonal or monoclonal antibodies from various species tested in your intended application and produced in qualities and quantities of your choice. After our careful target analysis and recommendation, we offer a variety of options for the actual immunization and the selection of species or strains to be immunized with the antigen. Multiple, robust and proven immunization methods can be tailored to the specific project and your needs.


Antibody Discovery

ImmunoPrecise’s different antibody discovery platforms use innovative and advanced technologies that allow for antibody screening from any animal species, and any tissue sample, to allow for earlier hit identification compared to traditional techniques. Our scientists are leaders in B cell selection technology, phage display and hybridoma generation. We are here to help you with your next project.


Characterization & Optimization

We provide further services to characterize and optimize your valuable monoclonal antibody. Specificity testing in various assays can be complemented with affinity ranking of antibody panels or epitope mapping and binning using BLI-based platforms. After hybridoma sequencing, we can clone, reformat, affinity mature, chimerize, or humanize your antibody.

Characterization & Optimization


Our proprietary expression technology is designed to deliver fast and large-scale production of recombinant proteins and antibodies for research and pre-clinical applications. Antibodies can be manufactured as hybridoma suspension in a bioreactor, or recombinantly in a transient production system or with stable cell lines.