End-to-End Services

Our experience and true end-to-end services let you complete your goals in a fraction of the time, and get you to the finish line faster with better candidates. We are at the cutting edge of innovation, supporting the next generation of antibody therapeutics.


We know about the importance of the target protein for a successful antibody campaign. Our team of experienced scientists analyzes each target and recommends the best way forward to deliver the product you are looking for. We have developed different strategies to select the correct domains of your target antigen (e.g. in silico modeling) and combine these antigens with the optimized immunization routes in different species. Depending on the characteristics of the individual antigen and the available starting material, we either generate synthetic peptides, recombinant proteins, antibodies or antibody fragments (anti-idiotypic projects), cell lines suitable for immunization (syngeneic or ModiVacc), or plasmids for genetic immunization (NonaVac). We can further immunize with smaller proteins or whole cell bacteria.

A multitude of immunization technologies is available at ImmunoPrecise, ranging from various injection methods, via dermal tattooing, to live cell-based immunizations.

Syngeneic Cell Line

Similar to our ModiVacc technology for mice, we offer the immunization of other species with a syngeneic cell line. After the selection of the species for the immunization we discuss a suitable cell line and prepare transfected cells for immunization and screening.

Recombinant Protein Production

ImmunoPrecise is excited to offer recombinant protein production and purification services. Our proprietary technology is designed to deliver fast and large-scale production of (mammalian) recombinant proteins and antibodies for research and pre-clinical applications.

Peptide Production

The success of your antibody development project is highly dependent on the quality of your antigen. In the case of anti-peptide projects, the immunizing antigen must be of high-purity, enabled for carrier conjugation and safe for injection into animals. Therefore, to help ensure the best start to your antibody development projects, let ImmunoPrecise’s principal scientists directly assist you in epitope prediction and antigen design. Our peptide production service also includes modifications such as phosphorylations.


ModiVacc is a proprietary platform to generate high affinity antibodies specific for intractable drug targets such as low immunogenic multiple, membrane-spanning proteins (e.g. GPCRs or ion channels). This highly successful approach has already demonstrated that large panels of antibodies recognizing a broad variety of epitopes can be generated.

The technology is based on the immunization of live ModiVacc cells in mice. The ModiVacc cell line is a mouse lymphoid tumor cell line containing specific co-factors and is used to stably express the membrane protein of interest. The immunization with these live cells does result in an initial expansion of the tumor cells in the mice and induces a very strong immune response against the membrane protein-expressing cells. The immune response ultimately results in the clearance of the expanding tumor cells. Subsequently, monoclonal antibodies can be generated by hybridoma generation using our electro-fusion method, via B cell Select, or by applying our phage library generation and selection method.


ImmunoPrecise is proud to offer multiple, novel immunization platforms as a part of our full-service cycle. We offer a variety of robust and proven immunization methods which can be tailored to the specific project and client’s needs, including genetic immunization (NonaVac), whole cell immunization (ModiVacc), dermal tattooing, hydrodynamic tail vein (HTV) and classical injections.


Our genetic immunization protocols have proven successful in the generation of monoclonal antibodies against new, challenging, and conformation-sensitive targets. It has successfully been applied in transgenic animals.

Through our proprietary vectors, our algorithm-based protocols produce native protein with appropriate post-translational modifications in vivo and provides very high transfection efficiency. We recommend this technology for complex protein classes, including GPCRs and ion channels as it bypasses the requirement to produce difficult to express recombinant proteins, and overcomes conformational obstacles of such antigens. Our in-house developed vectors are not subject to downstream milestones and royalties.

Rapid Prime

ImmunoPrecise’s proprietary Rapid Prime method identifies positive monoclonal antibodies in as little as 32 days. While this method also uses semi-solid media cloning and picking to accelerate the process, it is especially good for generating anti-idiotypic antibodies and has also been extremely useful for generating monoclonal antibodies against conformational epitopes. Other sources of immunogens include conserved or smaller proteins, peptides, and whole cell bacteria.

After the immunization of rodents, we apply our proprietary electrofusion or PEG-fusion to generate hybridomas. The subsequent cloning, using semi-solid media and clone picking, allows us to identify monoclonal antibody producing hybridoma cells in a very short time.

Rapid Prime immunization can also be combined with B cell Select or Phage Display.


Currently, multiple transgenic animal strains and species (mice, rats, chicken) are offered to directly generate human antibodies in an animal, eliminating the necessity to humanize the resulting product. At ImmunoPrecise we are proud to have worked with most of the globally available animals for our clients and partners. We have optimized our suite of services to these animals and applied our hybridoma, B cell Select and phage display technologies successfully.

Species Selection

As part of the careful analysis of the target protein our scientific experts will recommend suitable animal species and strains for a successful completion of your project. Most of our technology-platforms are species-agnostic and can be applied to all animals we offer, including a variety of transgenic animals.


ImmunoPrecise offers rabbit monoclonal antibody development. This proprietary technology allows for the screening of the immune repertoire of the rabbit, creating the power to select the desired antibody directly from the B cells using our proprietary B cell Select antibody discovery platform.


The ModiFuse technology is based on our proprietary electrofusion platform for generating larger numbers of hybridomas compared to traditional fusions, which allows for rapid and efficient generation of monoclonal antibodies against virtually any target. This technique is combined with optimized immunization protocols, a wide variety of mouse and rat strains, and semi-automated screening facilities.

B cell Select™

Our proprietary B cell screening, sorting, and sequencing technology increases the speed of antibody discovery, maintains native antibody pairing, provides antibodies of higher sensitivity and specificity and is applicable to any protein class, including complex therapeutic targets. Combining this technology with, for example, OmniAb® animals offers a truly unique and superior antibody discovery option not found elsewhere.

Semi-Solid Media & Clone Picking

ImmunoPrecise uses proprietary semi-solid media to grow mouse and rat hybridomas post-fusion. This special media allows for the support and picking of single cell colonies immediately after the fusion and hybridomas are essentially monoclonal from the start. No serial dilution (limiting dilution) cloning is required. All hybridomas that grow from the fusion are able to be tested for specific antibodies within two weeks post-fusion. The quick detection of antibody-specific clones allows for immediate subcloning and cryopreservation of valuable cultures.

Phage Display

ImmunoPrecise is pleased to offer in-house and custom phage libraries. Our phage display approach is based on building custom immune libraries from multiple species, or the selection of antigen specific recombinant antibody fragments. Our proprietary libraries have been made from human patient and naïve (scFv) repertoires, as well as from naïve llama (VHH) repertoires. Custom immune libraries are prepared from blood, spleen, lymph nodes, and bone marrow of immunized animals or humans and capture the entire immune repertoire for panning, rescue, and identification of unique antibodies with pre-specified characteristics.

This advanced technology allows us to express antibody fragments in bacteria or rapidly reformat into any given Ig format, such as full-size IgG of various isotypes, bispecifics, Fc mutants to modify effector functions, or chimeras with Fc regions from different species.


A powerful new technology utilizing a combination of Ligand’s OmniAb® transgenic animal platform and ImmunoPrecise Antibodies’ custom phage display antibody selection. DeepDisplay™ Poster

Characterization & Optimization

We provide further services to characterize and optimize your valuable monoclonal antibody. Specificity testing in various assays can be complemented with affinity ranking of antibody panels or epitope mapping/binning, using SPR based platforms. After hybridoma sequencing, we can clone, reformat, affinity mature, chimerize, or humanize your antibody before we produce the antibody recombinantly at a quality and quantity of your choice.

Antibody Humanization (LucinaTech™)

Animal-derived monoclonal antibodies can elicit human anti-animal antibody responses in patients. Therefore, it is usually necessary to replace the animal content with the corresponding human amino acid residues. We provide a robust and efficient antibody humanization service, which consistently retains affinity and specificity levels. Our approach is based on state-of-the-art in silico antibody modeling to identify essential framework and CDR residues for grafting onto a human antibody framework.

Antibody Sequencing

Your monoclonal antibody is extremely valuable, but hybridoma cell lines can become unstable over time and can stop secreting antibody. With ImmunoProtect™, the DNA sequence of your antibody will be determined and can be used to produce your antibody recombinantly.

Antibody Chimerization

Our antibody sequencing, cloning, reformatting, and production service can clone and produce any variable antibody domain into any immunoglobulin context required, such as full-size mouse, rabbit, chicken, human format, chimeras with any Fc region of choice, including effector mutants or Fc fusions.

Antibody Characterization

We provide highly purified, well-characterized, low endotoxin, or labeled antibodies for various applications. Additional services include affinity ranking of antibody panels or epitope mapping/binning, using SPR-based platforms, as well as custom assay development.

Antibody Optimization

After antibody sequencing (ImmunoProtect) further services include reformatting and chimerization. We also provide a robust and efficient antibody humanization (LucinaTech) service. Our affinity maturation service can complement your antibody optimization.

Antibody Affinity Maturation

Antibody affinity is important in therapeutic and diagnostic applications. ImmunoPrecise’s antibody affinity maturation service can improve antibody affinities by several fold. We apply different strategies to increase the affinity of your antibody, including gene shuffling and random mutagenesis.

Assay Development

ImmunoPrecise offers custom assay development services fully tailored to the needs of our clients. In addition, we have developed assays in-house (e.g. anti-TNF bioactivity assays, CAIA mouse model, etc.). You can find more information on the available assays in our Products section.


Our proprietary production technology is designed to deliver fast and large-scale production of (mammalian) recombinant proteins and antibodies for research and pre-clinical applications. Antibodies can be manufactured as hybridoma suspension in a bioreactor, or recombinantly in a transient expression system or with stable cell lines. Our antibody production platform is developed for rapid and high expression of recombinant antibodies in mammalian cells. Our rPEx technology allows the production of difficult-to-express proteins such as Fc-fusion proteins and bispecific antibodies.

Recombinant Antibody Production Platform (rAb)

Fully post-translationally modified mammalian recombinant antibodies (rAb’s) are produced via the rAb expression platform. Antibody variable domains can be seamlessly ligated in antibody expression vectors to generate each antibody class.

Gram amounts of purified antibodies with low levels of endotoxin (< 0.05 EU/mg) can be provided in only a couple of weeks.

The rAb platform has a modular architecture, thereby allowing several transfection and delivery options.

Recombinant Protein & Antibody Production

ImmunoPrecise proudly offers a wide range of recombinant protein expression and purification services. Our proprietary expression technology is designed to deliver fast and large-scale production of (mammalian) recombinant proteins and antibodies for research and pre-clinical applications. In addition to custom programs, please visit our catalog for a list of our off-the-shelf products.

Non-Recombinant Purification

ImmunoPrecise’s bioreactor process is an excellent animal-free alternative for custom bulk antibody production. One bioreactor flask can produce as much antibody as ascites from ten to twelve mice. In addition, monoclonal antibody production in bioreactors contains no contaminating host mouse immunoglobulin. We offer a selection of purification procedures for the isolation of specific antibodies from serum, and concentrated tissue culture supernatant. Purified products undergo a full round of analysis to ensure high quality antibody generation for use in important experiments or downstream manufactured products.

Transient protein production platform (rPEx)

Fully post-translationally modified mammalian proteins are produced via the rPEx transient protein production platform. The rPEx production platform consists of serum-free, suspension-growing HEK and CHO cells which are transiently transfected with expression vectors containing the gene of interest. For each recombinant protein to be produced, several proprietary expression vectors (pUPE expression vectors) are available. Due to the modular architecture, the expression vectors can be easily adapted to meet specific requirements. This allows, for example, the choice of nature and position of the purification tag.

Large amount of recombinant protein can be produced in a very short time span (generally less than 8 weeks). The rPEx platform allows for several transfection and delivery options to match your needs.


We provide clients with a secure, off-site storage facility to safeguard their assets. We are a trusted partner for the storage of cell lines, tissues, RNA, DNA, plasmid constructs, antibodies, and many other biological materials.