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ImmunoPrecise is proud to offer multiple novel immunization platforms as a part of our full-service cycle. A variety of robust and proven immunization methods can be tailored to the specific project and client’s needs, including genetic immunization (NonaVac), whole cell immunization (ModiVacc), dermal tattooing, hydrodynamic tail vein (HTV), and classical injections.

Rapid Prime™

ImmunoPrecise’s proprietary Rapid Prime™ method identifies positive monoclonal antibodies in as little as 32 days. This method is especially useful for generating anti-idiotypic antibodies and has been extremely useful for producing monoclonal antibodies against conformational epitopes. Other sources of immunogens include conserved or smaller proteins, peptides, and whole cell bacteria.

After the immunization of rodents, we apply our proprietary electrofusion or PEG-fusion to generate hybridomas. The subsequent cloning, using semi-solid media and clone picking to accelerate the process, allows us to identify monoclonal antibody producing hybridoma cells in a very short time.

Rapid Prime immunization can also be combined with B cell Select or Phage Display.

Species Selection

As part of the careful analysis of the target protein, our scientific experts will recommend suitable animal species and strains for successful completion of your project. Most of our technology-platforms are species-agnostic and can be applied to all animals we offer, including a variety of transgenic animals.


Our genetic immunization protocols have proven successful in the generation of monoclonal antibodies against new, challenging, and conformation-sensitive targets and have been successfully applied in transgenic animals.

Through our proprietary vectors, our algorithm-based protocols produce native protein with appropriate post-translational modifications in vivo and provide very high transfection efficiency. We recommend this technology for complex protein classes, including GPCRs and ion channels as it bypasses the requirement to produce difficult recombinant proteins, and overcomes conformational obstacles of such antigens. Our in-house developed vectors are not subject to downstream milestones and royalties.



Currently, multiple transgenic animal strains and species (mice, rats, chicken) are offered to directly generate human antibodies in an animal, eliminating the necessity to humanize the resulting product. At ImmunoPrecise, we are proud to have worked with most of the globally available transgenic animals for our clients and partners. We have optimized our suite of services to these animals and applied our hybridoma, B cell Select, and phage display technologies successfully.

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