We pride ourselves on our high customer satisfaction and our clients have grown accustomed to receiving very thorough and professional service, with a fast turnaround time. We customize your project to generate antibodies that meet your specific needs.

Human Monoclonals

ImmunoPrecise is pleased to be an approved OmniAb® service provider. We have successfully adapted our Rapid Prime immunization strategy and our antibody development platform to OmniAb® animals for delivery of a diverse repertoire of antigen-specific antibodies with an industry-leading timeframe.

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Hybridoma Development

Coupled with advanced hybridoma technologies, Rapid Prime is ImmunoPrecise’s proprietary immunization protocol, which saves months in development time in combination with our Single-Step semi-solid media selection and clone picking. Positive hybridoma clones are identified just 32 days from project initiation.

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Rabbit Monoclonals

ImmunoPrecise’s proprietary rabbit monoclonal development allows for the screening of the immune repertoire of the rabbit, creating the power to select the desired antibody directly from the B cells using our B cell Select antibody discovery platform.

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B cell Select

ImmunoPrecise’s B cell Select antibody discovery platform uses innovative technology that allows for antibody screening from any species of animal, from any tissue sample, to allow for earlier hit identification compared to traditional technologies.

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Phage Display

ImmunoPrecise is pleased to offer in-house and custom phage libraries. Our phage display approach is based on building custom immune libraries from multiple species or from our proprietary human or llama phage libraries.

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Immunization Technologies

ImmunoPrecise is proud to offer multiple novel immunization platforms as a part of our full-service cycle, including genetic immunization, whole cell immunization, dermal tattooing, hydrodynamic tail vein (HTV) and classical injections.

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ImmunoPrecise provides you with a secure, off-site storage facility to safeguard your assets. We have the capability to store cell lines, tissues, RNA, DNA, plasmid constructs, antibodies, and many other biological materials.

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Hybridoma Sequencing & Antibody Humanization

Your monoclonal antibody is extremely valuable, but hybridoma cell lines can become unstable over time and can stop secreting antibody. With ImmunoProtect™, the DNA sequence of your antibody will be determined and can be used to express your mAb recombinantly. Once sequenced we further provide reformatting, or chimerization services, as well as a robust and efficient antibody humanization service, which consistently retains affinity and specificity levels.

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Antibody Manufacturing

ImmunoPrecise’s bioreactor process is an excellent animal-free alternative for custom bulk antibody production. One bioreactor flask can produce as much antibody as ascites from 10 to 12 mice. In addition, monoclonal antibody production in bioreactors contains no contaminating host mouse immunoglobulin. We offer a selection of purification procedures for the isolation of specific antibodies from serum, ascites fluid, and concentrated tissue culture supernatant. Purified products undergo a full round of analysis to ensure high quality antibody generation for use in important experiments or downstream manufactured products.

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Polyclonal Production

ImmunoPrecise is a leading producer of high-titre custom mouse, rat, rabbit, goat, and sheep polyclonal antibodies.

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Peptide Production

The success of your mAb development project is highly dependent on the quality of your antigen. Let ImmunoPrecise help design and produce your high-quality custom peptides.

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