IPA offers a selection of purification procedures for isolation of specific antibody from serum, ascites fluid, and concentrated tissue culture supernatant. All purified products undergo a full round of analysis to ensure high quality antibody has been generated. These purified products are ready for use in your important experiments or downstream manufactured products.

Protein A/G Chromatography

High yields of pure IgG can be obtained using Protein A or Protein G chromatography, which differ in their ability to bind antibodies of different origins and subclasses. Both are rapid, reproducible and amendable to scale-up, and are effective in aseptic purification strategies.

Materials needed from client: Ascites fluid, tissue culture supernatant or hybridoma clone for culture.
Total project time:  Depends on starting material. Approximately 2 week timeline for purification, analysis and shipment preparation.
Yield:  Dependent on starting material and purification method.


Antibody Source Recommended
Mouse ascites fluid Protein G
Rat ascites fluid Protein G
Mouse bioreactor tissue culture supernatant Protein G
Rabbit monoclonal Protein G
Raw rabbit serum Protein A
Raw goat or sheep sera Protein A

Affinity Purification

ImmunoPrecise offers affinity purification of anti-sera. Our capabilities include customized peptide affinity and KLH depletion columns.
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