Accelerated human therapeutic antibody discovery in OmniAb® animals

By combining ImmunoPrecise’s advanced discovery platforms with Ligand Pharmaceuticals’ OmniAb® animal technology, we accelerate human therapeutic antibody discovery, consistently delivering diverse repertoires of human, antigen-specific, and clinically relevant antibodies against any target type.

Our OmniAb® discovery capabilities extend well beyond traditional methods to include two very unique and innovative platforms consistently providing superior results, and can be combined with our full suite of immunization technologies.

B cell Select

Our proprietary B cell screening, sorting, and sequencing technology increases the speed of antibody discovery, maintains native antibody pairing, provides antibodies of higher sensitivity and specificity and is applicable to any protein class, including complex therapeutic targets. Combining this innovative technology with Ligand’s OmniAb® animals offers a truly unique and superior antibody discovery option not found elsewhere.


With over 15 years of experience in customized and precision-based phage display, ImmunoPrecise couples this powerful technology with the OmniAb® transgenic platform to enable discovery of highly diverse, fully-human antibodies with superior clinical safety and efficacy as well as the lowest immunogenicity. The ability to select very specific, “needle-in-a-haystack” human antibodies via this advanced combination offers an entirely new avenue of therapeutic antibody discovery.

Additional Discovery Method

Our proprietary hybridoma technology, including an electrofusion option, has yielded numerous successful OmniAb® discovery campaigns. ImmunoPrecise offers several novel immunization platforms that can be tailored to your specific programs. Two of the methods include genetic immunization and Rapid Prime immunization. Our genetic immunization protocols are proven successful in generating antibodies against complex and conformation-sensitive targets. With our proprietary Rapid Prime immunization protocol – combined with single-step cloning – positive monoclonal antibodies can be identified in as little as 32 days.

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