As leaders in hybridoma development, ImmunoPrecise offers cutting edge Antibody Development Services including, Rapid Immunization, DNA Immunization, Single-Step Cloning and high throughput screening methods.   

Success to a Variety of Targets 

We custom develop mAbs to an array of antigens including peptides, modified peptides, (recombinant) proteins, small molecules or antibodies idiotypes, using multiple different immunization technologies including genetic immunization, tattooing, hydrodynamic tail vein (HTV) and classical injections.

Strain Choices  

A variety of strain choices are available. Mice: BALB/c, NZB/W, C57BL/6. Rats: Lewis, F344, Sprague Dawley. We can also import custom strains including knock-outs and transgenics. For transgenics see Human Antibody Development 

Multiple Immunization Methods Tailored to Specific Project  

We offer a variety of robust and proven immunization methods which can be tailored to the specific project and client’s needs. These methods include Rapid Prime, our proprietary custom monoclonal antibody development service, Standard, and other options and services. Please note, Rapid Prime does not compromise on affinity and is available with both mice and rats. It consistently generates large numbers of antigen-specific IgG clones. 

Custom Fusion 

We can perform both electrofusion or traditional PEG fusion method. A choice of fusion partners is available including: SP2/0, X63 and YB2/0.  

Single-Step Cloning 

Single-Step Cloning saves weeks in development time and allows for screening of every single hybridoma generated from the fusion event. When coupled with Rapid Prime immunization, positive hybridoma cell lines can be identified in 35 days.

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