We offer a variety of robust and proven immunization methods which can be tailored to the specific project and client’s needs. We custom develop antibodies to an array of antigens including peptides, modified peptides, (recombinant) proteins, small molecules or antibodies idiotypes, using multiple different immunization technologies including genetic immunization, dermal tattooing, hydrodynamic tail vein (HTV) and classical injections.

ImmunoPrecise is proud to offer multiple novel immunization platforms as a part of our full-service cycle. Our genetic immunization protocols have proven successful in the generation of monoclonal antibodies against new, challenging, and conformation-sensitive targets.

Through our proprietary vectors, our protocol produces native protein with appropriate post-translational modifications in vivo, provides very high transfection efficiency, and allows selection of positive IgG producing hybridoma clones prior to clone picking. Using our advanced technology, clones undergo various forms of multiplexed screenings in order to generate the strongest panel of monoclonal antibodies.

The genetic immunization platform is applicable in multiple species and discovery technologies. We are proud to offer genetic immunization as a global service, performing hydrodynamic tail vein injection (HTV) in-house at our facilities in Victoria, BC and through ModiQuest’s proprietary dermal tattooing method.

The genetic advantage:

  • Recommended for complex protein classes, including GPCRs and ion channels
  • Bypass the requirement to isolate proteins from pathogen or synthesize a peptide
  • Overcomes conformational obstacles of difficult antigens
  • Successful in multiple species, including transgenics
  • In-house developed vectors not subject to downstream milestones and royalties

ImmunoPrecise uses a novel and proprietary platform for cell-based immunization developed by ModiQuest. The platform enables us to generate high affinity antibodies to intractable drug targets such as low immunogenic membrane spanning proteins. It is based on a lymphoid tumor cell line to stably express the membrane protein of interest. The immunization with such live cells induces a very strong immune response. Ultimately, this approach can be combined with our B cell Select, Phage Display or Hybridoma technologies to develop the desired monoclonal antibodies.

Please contact us by phone at 1-250-483-0308 or by email at contact.ipa@immunoprecise.com. You may also reach us by completing our online form.