ImmunoPrecise is pleased to offer in-house and custom phage libraries. Our phage display approach is based on building custom immune libraries from multiple species, or the selection of antigen specific recombinant antibody fragments from our proprietary human or llama phage libraries. Our proprietary libraries have been made from human patient and naïve (scFv) repertoires, as well as from naïve llama (VHH) repertoires. Custom immune libraries are prepared from blood, spleen, lymph nodes, and bone marrow of immunized animals or humans and capture the entire immune repertoire for panning, rescue, and identification of unique antibodies with pre-specified characteristics.

This advanced technology allows us to express antibody fragments in bacteria or rapidly reformat into any given Ig format, such as full size IgG of various isotypes, bispecifics, Fc mutants to modify effector functions, or chimeras with Fc regions from different species.

The Phage Display Advantages:

  • Access to naïve and disease human repertoires from our in-house libraries
  • Access to naïve llama VHH repertoires present in our in-house libraries
  • Generation of custom immune libraries from multiple species, including various transgenic animal platforms
  • Generation of monoclonal antibodies against non-immunogenic and toxic targets
  • Ability to screen libraries in parallel with other antibody discovery platforms to generate an extensive panel of target specific antibodies
  • Unlimited re-screening of the library repertoires
  • Library derived sequences used for bispecific development